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For Adults, Youth & Children

My sessions integrate teachings & practices
from several spiritual & healing traditions, 
science & philosophy, 
and from the wisdom of ancient Indian 
& contemporary teachers.

May these services accelerate your recognition of your limitlessness! 


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How to help kids express pain & stress, when words fail

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Starry Sky


1-1 Coaching    

Healing       Art therapy
Introduction to meditation

These sessions help preteens and teens overcome difficulties such as stress, shame, guilt, anger, unworthiness, bullying - and attain mental and emotional well being, faster and easier. 

Sessions are conducted in 1-1 or group formats and incorporate art, meditation and contemplative practices in fun and easy ways.


1-1 Coaching
Energy healing             Regression healing
Vedic mantra healing    Tarot card reading

Release unknown and misunderstood energy & belief patterns that are stored in the body-mind and which seem to limit you. Attain peace & mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, faster and easier.

Conducted in 1-1 format, these sessions incorporate coaching, meditative practices, energy healing, Vedic mantras, regression healing and tarot card reading - in the tradition of Zen and from the point of view of non-duality (particularly the Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta). 


Online classes
Meetup group

Manav hosts an online meetup weekly. This meetup is for newcomers as well as for those who want to deepen their spiritual practice.  Participants meditate together, followed by reading of texts from various spiritual and mystical traditions. A key area of focus of these events is practical application of spiritual principles in daily life.

These events are non-sectarian and free for all, and they offer a great way to deepen and regularize your spiritual practice. Some also choose to get introduced to Manav's healing and coaching work through these events.

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My meeting with Manav was the most incredibly freeing and calming experience.  I'd experienced some intense and traumatic events in my life over the last few years. 

Magical things happened for me during the session but the most important part of all was to feel the release of pent-up emotional pain; like I'd been given permission to grieve. 
To be 'reset' in a way. 
To gain permission to let go. 
To connect with the deepest Truth in me and start to heal, so I could move on.

Manav, I thank you. You gave me a gift that day and you've been a quiet but stunningly supportive and kind presence in my life since then.

Lesley Ames,
New Jersey, USA

 My son has been a victim of bullying at school and as a result his confidence and self-worth was totally shattered. I tried to help my son in many ways including seeking professional help, but these were not able to really address his inner demons. Manav was able to identify and address his self-worth issues in a gentle and tangible way. Manav's work was able to give him back his confidence and self-pride.  My 10 year old son now has concrete tools to address the challenges he may face in his life now on. 

As parents we feel so relieved to be able to find our son who is once again vivacious, confident and full of self worth. He is no longer angry and agitated. Thanks Manav for bringing back the spark in his eyes and smile.

Moushumi Ghosh Roy
Noida, India

Manav is a deep repository of knowledge from various healing modalities, science, philosophy and spiritual texts, and draws from it and disseminates information with impeccable timing. 

In the world of healing, Manav's presence filled with male energy, insight, experience and ability, provides a much needed balance. I had the most beautiful healing session filled with celestial imagery and light, alleviating confusion and grief.

Manav is a modern, relatable, non-judgemental healer who is raising universal vibration one client at a time.

Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
Ph.D. International Psychology - Trauma Systems (Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Malaysia

I met Manav in his healing capacity when I was at a very low point in life. I went to him to actually work with my son, and ended up transforming my own life.

With his excellent listening and empathy skills I found myself sharing things I would otherwise never have shared with anyone. His guidance, infinite patience, suggested readings, regression and healing sessions helped change my thoughts from negative to positive.

In one year, it has had a profoundly positive impact on my relationships, self confidence and sense of self and I’m only the better for having him come into to my life. It's having a wonderful effect on my son too.

Mrinalini Datta
Noida, India

Manav is absolutely genuine, perceptive and there is complete clarity in his guidance. As a healer, he has a very strong energy signature without it being overwhelming.

I cannot thank Manav enough for helping resolve my deep-seated emotional issues in a single session where he employed multiple healing methods in order to help me deal with my concerns.

Kaajol Jain
Entrepreneur, New Delhi, India

Would like to thank Manav Khanna and 'Talking Point' team for such a wonderful workshop on mindfulness for children.

My son at this age has understood the meaning of happiness & how to de-stress himself which people at our age don't still understand.

The session with parents was also very enlightening. A big thanks from me and Sachin. Keep up the good work.

Simran Sahni
Entrepreneur, Lucknow, India

Manav is in complete control of his craft. He easily establishes trust and makes you completely at-ease at the very outset. Also, I was doubtful if I would respond at all to regression & energy therapy, but it was a cakewalk for him.

This whole experience has been very profound and overwhelming for me! It has cleared out ambiguities in my mind about my life, and I am able to meet my life situation with acceptance and forgiveness very naturally. 

Simerna Sokhi
College Counselor, Noida, India

The mindfulness session with children was totally awesome.

My 9 year old son is so happy after the session and is looking forward to next one.

Your insights about my son were so accurate & were an eye opener for me. I never understood that he's irritated with my preaching on time management. I have started  to manage him in a

different way.

Thanks Manav.

Akanksha Saxena
Noida, India

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Sessions are offered in person as well as via Skype/online calls. Contact Manav to find out more about how his work can benefit you.

Austin, TX, 78717, USA

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